Transforming drug discovery into measurement-driven drug design

In Vivo Biologics Design Platform

We've created a platform called M-Design™ for massively parallel in vivo testing of protein therapeutic designs.

Protein Barcoding Technology

The key to M-Design™ is a differentiated proteomics technology called M-Codes™ which allows simultaneous tracking of proteins through complex backgrounds. In short, we’ve unlocked protein multiplexing with the sensitivity and scalability of a next-generation DNA sequencing readout.

Pursuing a Therapeutics Pipeline

Manifold Bio’s platform gives us an unprecedented advantage in our mission to build a pipeline of targeting-enhanced protein therapeutics designed from the beginning to navigate complex mammalian environments.

Our Team

We’re building a team with expertise in library-guided protein engineering, DNA technologies, computational biology, and drug development. We’re looking for scientists, engineers, and drug hunters to join us in building the next generation of therapeutics powered by the next generation of technology for engineering biology.