Transforming drug discovery into measurement-driven drug design

High Throughput In Vivo Drug Design

The pace of drug discovery is limited by the complexity of biology. In vivo models provide the most predictive measurements, but are often restricted by their fundamentally low throughput capability.

At Manifold Bio, we've created a platform called M-Design™ that can be used to bring high throughput measurements to the most translationally predictive environments. 

This process allows us to track multiple key properties of drug development within the same in vivo model, unlocking the power of multiplexed measurements in the field of protein therapeutics.

Barcoding Platform

The key to M-Design™ is a differentiated proteomics technology known as M-Codes™ which enables simultaneous tracking of various proteins in mixture.

This platform is fundamental for in vivo protein quantification, leveraging next-generation sequencing to create an abundance of data in the most realistic environments.

Therapeutics Pipeline

By redesigning in vivo measurement to be available from day one, Manifold Bio has an advantage in solving complex biologic challenges.

Our mission is to make the best life-saving drugs available to patients as quickly as possible. We hope to do this by promoting only the proteins with the highest probability of success, creating a rapid pipeline of next-generation therapeutics.

Our Team.

To pursue our mission, we are leveraging our team’s unique expertise in library-guided protein engineering combining DNA synthesis, sequencing, and advanced bioinformatics and machine learning. And we are looking to bring on more folks that are excited about the potential for this entirely new way of engineering biology.